Day 3: Cookout

Filipinos just LOVE to eat. That’s why they discovered different varieties of food to grill. From pork barbeques or fishes to intestines of the chicken and/or pig or the feet of the chicken. We also have this food called betamax and the dugo. There is no waste when you grew up here in the Philippines. Even the intestines of the animals they cook and eat it. 
It’s usually a sign that you are a Filipino if you know these stuffs. Especially if you and your family grills pork and vegetables like eggplant and eat with your bare hands in a banana leaf during your family getaway or during one of the annual gathering of families. #DoingItTheFilipinoWay Isn’t it just fun to eat in a Filipino custom?
You should also try the one of the best Filipino food. The ihaw-ihaw!!! This is a must try food because it doesn’t look apetizing when you figured out what is it. But actually it really tastes good with vinegar in it!! How it complements the barbecue or isaw and it’ll leave you wanting to have more! Oh, so tempting!!
We recommend the store near imus plaza and Nathan’s. It’s in the line of picachow. They have the tastiest ihaw-ihaw ever! Try it as a cookout with your friends and family. You can always eat the filipino way.. If you still have rice on your plate, order more ulam. And vice versa ’til you can’t eat anymore 😂


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