Day 5: Canteen Delis

School is our second home and theschool canteen is our second kitchen! Homecooked meals are the best and of course you’ll miss it when you’re at school. Luckily, our school chef can cook foods that will make you feel at home! (“Luto ni Ate Tere” as we reffer to it)
Everyday there are different varieties of foods to choose. From food with sabaw like her sinigang to foods with sauces like afritada or porksteak and of course her variety will not be complete without the one with the vegetables. If you like to have breakfast at school or you’re saving money you can have longganisa and egg with rice. See! Our canteen is our second kitchen. You can feel like you’re just at home. Ate Tere’s cooking is so good that every student just love her because of the good food plus she’s so kind in giving food, because sometimes she adds some more viand just for you! You can also have desserts after, they also sell crinkles, graham balls or cookies. Bonus, our canteen also sells popcorn! It’s perfect for when we don’t have anything to do in class and we’re allowed to watch movies 🙂 
Why go out of the school if you already have it there? It will save you more time and effort. Plus it’s healthy since the products they sell are bfad approved. 
During our summer break, my friends and I were craving for Ate Tere’s famous chicken fillet. And we had a suggestion for her to open up a summer canteen since we got used to eating her own cooked meals all semester, our tongues are looking for her meals after school has ended. We also miss the cat who eats our leftover foods( usually the fat from the barbecue) outside the school canteen hahaha 😊




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