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20-Peso Delights

Feeling hungry but you’ve been saving up for something? Looking for a snack that can make the beast inside your stomach go away? Good thing there’s many 20 pesos worth of food. The small stores around your corner are so helpful whenever your hungry right?

These Yakisoba flavored instant noodles are so yummy and it’s not that pricey. (Swak sa budget!) There are three flavors of this instant noodles. The spicy chicken, savory beef, and the one with the vegetables. The flavor that I can recommend and my favorite flavor is the savory beef because it’s not spicy and the taste is so yummy that it just melts in your mouth. But if you are the person who loves spicy foods. The spicy chicken is the perfect flavor for you! I’ve tried this flavor once or twice and it’s really hot in your mouth that I needed two to three bottles of water. You can also partner this with a bread (I prefer pandesal) if you like. You also feel like you are in a japanese setting because it’s perfect to eat this with chopsticks!

“Hanggang saan makaka-abot ang 20 pesos mo?” We all know where that famous line is from.. Cornetto! That’s right. With just 20 pesos, you can enjoy yourself with an ice cream perfect for the summer weather or you can have japanese like instant noodles! There are all sorts of things you can buy with just 20 pesos. Visit now the nearest sari-sari store in your place and check out their different 20 pesos delights!14163685_10208657171603863_1882872829_o



Day 6: Sweets/Desserts

Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share” 
That quote is from a famous donut store in the Philippines. Well I disagree. Candies, cakes, ice creams, DONUTS, chocolates, etc.. Those things are what I consider as the sweetest of them all. No I love you‘s or such things can beat the sweetness those foods can give you. (Now i’m not heartbroken or anything hahaha)  
Sweet foods are comfort foods. Whether you feel like you’re on-top-of-the-world-happy or down-to-earth-sad, sweet foods can give you the comfort you need. They’ll always be there for you. You can definitely count on them to be there for you whenever you need them. (Hugot pa moreπŸ˜‚) 
Some study shows that sugary foods such as chocolates, gives off the “happy hormone” also known as serotonin into your body. So anytime of the day, especially when you’re feeling down or low.. Have a break, have a kit-kat πŸ˜‰ 
Now for those who are conscious about their figure and are having a hard time resisting the temptation of sweet delights, you can always try a piece of dark chocolate each day. Eating a piece of dark chocolate each day can help improve your hormone health and overall body health since dark chocolate contains at least 50 percent cocoa and has less sugar than other forms of chocolate. 
We had no trouble about the theme of today’s blog since we’re always going out to eat and majority of the things we eat are sweets! The sweets from the picture uploaded was from Cafe Moraco, Coffee Project, and from Llao Llao. You can check out their stores on fb(link will be included at the end of this post). Some were a bit pricey but the overall presentation and taste were great! It’s worth a try πŸ™‚ Coffee Project is the perfect place if you want a place for some alone-time. It’s so peaceful and quiet, also the layout of the place is just relaxing to look at. 




Cafe Moraco –

Coffee Project –

Llao Llao –

Day 5: Canteen Delis

School is our second home and theschool canteen is our second kitchen! Homecooked meals are the best and of course you’ll miss it when you’re at school. Luckily, our school chef can cook foods that will make you feel at home! (“Luto ni Ate Tere” as we reffer to it)
Everyday there are different varieties of foods to choose. From food with sabaw like her sinigang to foods with sauces like afritada or porksteak and of course her variety will not be complete without the one with the vegetables. If you like to have breakfast at school or you’re saving money you can have longganisa and egg with rice. See! Our canteen is our second kitchen. You can feel like you’re just at home. Ate Tere’s cooking is so good that every student just love her because of the good food plus she’s so kind in giving food, because sometimes she adds some more viand just for you! You can also have desserts after, they also sell crinkles, graham balls or cookies. Bonus, our canteen also sells popcorn! It’s perfect for when we don’t have anything to do in class and we’re allowed to watch movies πŸ™‚ 
Why go out of the school if you already have it there? It will save you more time and effort. Plus it’s healthy since the products they sell are bfad approved. 
During our summer break, my friends and I were craving for Ate Tere’s famous chicken fillet. And we had a suggestion for her to open up a summer canteen since we got used to eating her own cooked meals all semester, our tongues are looking for her meals after school has ended. We also miss the cat who eats our leftover foods( usually the fat from the barbecue) outside the school canteen hahaha 😊



Day 4: Own Recipe

Grandma’s Apple Pie...”
I recently visited my grandma and I was looking at this magazine with different recipes for all kinds of desserts. My grandma asked me what I would like to try to bake and since I was craving for apple pie that day, I quickly answered “APPLE PIIIIIEEEEEE!” With excitement in my voice. She then walks to her desk and pulled out an old notebook from one of the drawers. She was looking for something written in the notebook and when she found it, she handed it to me. Written in her notebook was a recipe for apple pie, I got too excited so I read the whole thing instantly. The ingredients were simple.. Just some flour, cinnamon, salt, apples,… I asked her when can I bake and she said next weekend. I was eager to bake an apple pie so I read through her books and I even did some research on the different styles of the pie and such.
The day came and I started preparing the ingredients. I followed the instructions thoroughly and my measurements were really precise. Imagine the excitement in my face as I watch the pie bake itself from the oven glass! I can’t stop checking every 3 minutes haha! And the smell coming out from the oven was soooooo tempting I just wanna grab the pie with my bare hands and eat it whole πŸ˜‚ .. After 20-30 minutes, I carefully took out the pie from the oven and placed it on top of the stove to cool it down. My grandma took the first bite to taste it.. I was so worried but then she told me that the taste was perfect I felt so relieved! My first apple pie… 
I wanted to bring some to school but there was none left hahaha! Baking or even cooking is fun. Whether it’s just a simple no-bake cakes to your lola’s adobo recipe, you should try it at least once in your life. Some people find it relaxing to cook, some expresses their emotions in baking. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a famous chef or cook or a baker. Give it a shot! 


Day 3: Cookout

Filipinos just LOVE to eat. That’s why they discovered different varieties of food to grill. From pork barbeques or fishes to intestines of the chicken and/or pig or the feet of the chicken. We also have this food called betamax and the dugo. There is no waste when you grew up here in the Philippines. Even the intestines of the animals they cook and eat it. 
It’s usually a sign that you are a Filipino if you know these stuffs. Especially if you and your family grills pork and vegetables like eggplant and eat with your bare hands in a banana leaf during your family getaway or during one of the annual gathering of families. #DoingItTheFilipinoWay Isn’t it just fun to eat in a Filipino custom?
You should also try the one of the best Filipino food. The ihaw-ihaw!!! This is a must try food because it doesn’t look apetizing when you figured out what is it. But actually it really tastes good with vinegar in it!! How it complements the barbecue or isaw and it’ll leave you wanting to have more! Oh, so tempting!!
We recommend the store near imus plaza and Nathan’s. It’s in the line of picachow. They have the tastiest ihaw-ihaw ever! Try it as a cookout with your friends and family. You can always eat the filipino way.. If you still have rice on your plate, order more ulam. And vice versa ’til you can’t eat anymore πŸ˜‚

Day 2: At Plaza

We all have that moment where we crave for something we ourselves don’t know what. Where else is better than a place that offers lots of variety of different foods. Plaza offers varieties from sorbetes(dirty ice cream), lumpia, to home cooked meals like tapsilog, and ADOBO!

Imus plaza is the right place to dine! If you want something heavy, you can try Dongalo’s best. They’re known for their special tapsilog. We tried it ourselves and we can support their claim. It really is one of the best tapas we’ve eaten! If you like something with “sabaw”, plaza offers lugaw and goto. Lugaw and Gotto are both rice porridge but lugaw is the plain one with(or without–it’s your choice) egg in it and the goto is the one with meat. Plaza also offers *drumroll* LUMPIA! Who doesn’t eat lumpia? Almost every store offers lumpia.. How cool is that?
If you’re craving for something fried, try plaza’s street foods! At the price of ten pesos you can eat plenty of calamares(breaded squid) or fishballs and kwek-kweks.
Of course foodtrip is not satisfying without… Deserts! Plaza offers their famous dirty ice cream(don’t worry, it’s not really dirty πŸ˜‚) to saging con yelp and halo-halo 🍦🍧

Plaza is the perfect place for a foodtrip with your barkada. Even if it’s late at night or hapon chill, it’s a good place to hangout with your friends and family. Also if you’re looking for something affordable- “swak sa budget” as they call it- plaza is really the right place to go. πŸ™‚



Day 1: Luto Ni Inay

Sunday. Family day. Rest day. CHEAT DAY. This is the day of the week where you get excited and at the same time annoyed. Why? Because the next day is Monday, the day everyone hates but even though that’s the case Sunday is the one thing people look forward to, the CHEAT DAY for most of the people.

Yes, cheat day for those who are in diet. Pigging out day for those who loves to eat. How can you resist to eat a lot on Sunday? Especially if it’s made by our grandmother (“Luto Ni Lola”) and/or by our mother. Who on earth would resist their specialty dishes, right? Not unless you want them to get mad at you because you won’t eat the food that they cooked. Oh no! That is just bad. Don’t ever try your grandmothers to get mad at you. When your grandmother finds out that you haven’t eaten anything yet, she would DEFINITELY have a panic attack and won’t let you leave their house with empty stomachs.

So, today’s specialty dish is….. KARE-KARE!! This dish of my grandmother is the best. You wanna know why? Because the richness of the peanut butter sauce “Sabaw pa lang ulam na!” (We used to say this when the food is really good), use real peanuts for the sauce so that you can really savor it, and how the meat and vegetables are so good in it and of course one of the main partner of the Kare Kare is the Bagoong! The home made bagoong with a little spice in it, oh how it all fits together and compliment each other!! Of course if  you don’t like the taste of bagoong you can eat the Kare Kare without it, it’s just to add a little spice in the food but the Kare kare itself is good enough(kare-kare lang sapat na). How can you miss the family lunch or dinner with that kind of good food?

This is really one of my favorite food. One of my comfort food is peanut butter, I never thought that peanuts can be used to cook food like that. I thought that it can only be seen as a spread or with chocolates or biscuits. So the moment my grandmother taught me how to cook that I was shocked that it was made by peanuts and peanut butter. This food is really special because it was taught by my grandmother and it’s one of comfort food. Every food cooked by a lola is the best food ever!

Luto ni Inay, pampa-happy ng buhay!