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20-Peso Delights

Feeling hungry but you’ve been saving up for something? Looking for a snack that can make the beast inside your stomach go away? Good thing there’s many 20 pesos worth of food. The small stores around your corner are so helpful whenever your hungry right?

These Yakisoba flavored instant noodles are so yummy and it’s not that pricey. (Swak sa budget!) There are three flavors of this instant noodles. The spicy chicken, savory beef, and the one with the vegetables. The flavor that I can recommend and my favorite flavor is the savory beef because it’s not spicy and the taste is so yummy that it just melts in your mouth. But if you are the person who loves spicy foods. The spicy chicken is the perfect flavor for you! I’ve tried this flavor once or twice and it’s really hot in your mouth that I needed two to three bottles of water. You can also partner this with a bread (I prefer pandesal) if you like. You also feel like you are in a japanese setting because it’s perfect to eat this with chopsticks!

“Hanggang saan makaka-abot ang 20 pesos mo?” We all know where that famous line is from.. Cornetto! That’s right. With just 20 pesos, you can enjoy yourself with an ice cream perfect for the summer weather or you can have japanese like instant noodles! There are all sorts of things you can buy with just 20 pesos. Visit now the nearest sari-sari store in your place and check out their different 20 pesos delights!14163685_10208657171603863_1882872829_o



Day 1: Luto Ni Inay

Sunday. Family day. Rest day. CHEAT DAY. This is the day of the week where you get excited and at the same time annoyed. Why? Because the next day is Monday, the day everyone hates but even though that’s the case Sunday is the one thing people look forward to, the CHEAT DAY for most of the people.

Yes, cheat day for those who are in diet. Pigging out day for those who loves to eat. How can you resist to eat a lot on Sunday? Especially if it’s made by our grandmother (“Luto Ni Lola”) and/or by our mother. Who on earth would resist their specialty dishes, right? Not unless you want them to get mad at you because you won’t eat the food that they cooked. Oh no! That is just bad. Don’t ever try your grandmothers to get mad at you. When your grandmother finds out that you haven’t eaten anything yet, she would DEFINITELY have a panic attack and won’t let you leave their house with empty stomachs.

So, today’s specialty dish is….. KARE-KARE!! This dish of my grandmother is the best. You wanna know why? Because the richness of the peanut butter sauce “Sabaw pa lang ulam na!” (We used to say this when the food is really good), use real peanuts for the sauce so that you can really savor it, and how the meat and vegetables are so good in it and of course one of the main partner of the Kare Kare is the Bagoong! The home made bagoong with a little spice in it, oh how it all fits together and compliment each other!! Of course if  you don’t like the taste of bagoong you can eat the Kare Kare without it, it’s just to add a little spice in the food but the Kare kare itself is good enough(kare-kare lang sapat na). How can you miss the family lunch or dinner with that kind of good food?

This is really one of my favorite food. One of my comfort food is peanut butter, I never thought that peanuts can be used to cook food like that. I thought that it can only be seen as a spread or with chocolates or biscuits. So the moment my grandmother taught me how to cook that I was shocked that it was made by peanuts and peanut butter. This food is really special because it was taught by my grandmother and it’s one of comfort food. Every food cooked by a lola is the best food ever!

Luto ni Inay, pampa-happy ng buhay!