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Day 2: At Plaza

We all have that moment where we crave for something we ourselves don’t know what. Where else is better than a place that offers lots of variety of different foods. Plaza offers varieties from sorbetes(dirty ice cream), lumpia, to home cooked meals like tapsilog, and ADOBO!

Imus plaza is the right place to dine! If you want something heavy, you can try Dongalo’s best. They’re known for their special tapsilog. We tried it ourselves and we can support their claim. It really is one of the best tapas we’ve eaten! If you like something with “sabaw”, plaza offers lugaw and goto. Lugaw and Gotto are both rice porridge but lugaw is the plain one with(or without–it’s your choice) egg in it and the goto is the one with meat. Plaza also offers *drumroll* LUMPIA! Who doesn’t eat lumpia? Almost every store offers lumpia.. How cool is that?
If you’re craving for something fried, try plaza’s street foods! At the price of ten pesos you can eat plenty of calamares(breaded squid) or fishballs and kwek-kweks.
Of course foodtrip is not satisfying without… Deserts! Plaza offers their famous dirty ice cream(don’t worry, it’s not really dirty 😂) to saging con yelp and halo-halo 🍦🍧

Plaza is the perfect place for a foodtrip with your barkada. Even if it’s late at night or hapon chill, it’s a good place to hangout with your friends and family. Also if you’re looking for something affordable- “swak sa budget” as they call it- plaza is really the right place to go. 🙂